Steve Prentice - June 2015 - OfficialMy keynotes focus on a range of topics, all of which fall under the umbrella of “people, technology and productivity in the workplace.” Specific examples include time management, productivity, teamwork, and understanding new technologies & industry trends, including Bitcoin, the Blockchain and the Internet of Things. They use stories and a dash of humor to illustrate the messages and convey knowledge in an easy-to-take fashion. In addition, if you have a theme for your retreat, a message for your project kickoff, or you just want a great after-meal keynote, I will customize my presentation to deliver your message and have fun at the same time.

You get to turn the “content dial.” Some clients want a humorous keynote, others want something more educational and motivational. Some want a speech, others want interaction. Together we can tune the content to your liking, to establish the exact tone and level of information or distraction that you seek.

Regardless of the setting you choose, your attendees will increase their skills and will remember your event as a truly positive experience.

logo-itunes3NEWS! (January 24, 2017) My podcast is live. Check out the first episode, dealing with how light impacts sleep and productivity, and why vacations are so important. Details on my podcast page here. Also available on iTunes here.


youtube-prioritization-thumbnailHow do I prioritize? This is such a common question. In this short YouTube video, I describe just how the panic of conflicting tasks creates a mental paralysis. And then, I share some real, practical techniques for getting everything un-jammed and back in order. Click here to view on YouTube. Then, click here to download a useful 3-page handout.

Click here to watch a 1-minute video of me on YouTube.

Click here to watch a 1-minute video of me on YouTube.

More About Me

My background is in organizational psychology and project management. I write papers, journalistic articles and blogs for companies and news outlets in the high tech and retail sectors, an I also ghostwrite books for other people. I am the owner of The Bristall Group, a soft skills training company that has been in business since 1990.  I produce podcasts and videos, and am a frequent media guest. My talent is in being able to culturally translate – making it easier to understand the terms, technologies and techniques that people need to know in order to get more done in a healthy way, and it sure helps to be able to laugh a little.

I have been awarded top status as a speaker by Meeting Planners International, and most of my work comes from word of mouth referral. You can’t beat that.

You can find out more about me by checking out my links above.

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