Steve Prentice - June 2015 - OfficialI am a professional speaker and published author who has focused for the past 20 years on people in the workplace, specifically at the juncture where where time, talent and technology intersect.

This has led me to become something of an expert in time management, productivity, collaboration and the integration of new technologies into the working environment. My ongoing work with some of the world’s most well known high-tech and consulting firms guarantees my information is topical, practical and leading edge.

My talent is in being able to culturally translate – making it easier to understand how best to get things done, which has proven to be of great value to busy companies and their hardworking employees.

I offer five highly relevant one-hour keynote speeches, each of which delivers value through clear delivery and practical takeaways.

  • Time Management in the age of Social Media
  • Essential techniques for doing better in the workplace and in life
  • BitCoin and BlockChain in non-tech-speak guide: how these technologies will change everyone’s world
  • The Internet of Things – what it means for you, your life and your company
  • Digital literacy and security – essential techniques for keeping you and your data safe

I am often hired as an opening or closing act for conventions, retreats and professional development events, as well as breakfast and lunchtime keynotes. My combination of practical knowledge, extensive experience, storytelling, humor and pragmatism will give your staff or customers a great sense of learning, value, relief and enjoyment.

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