Steve Prentice - June 2015 - OfficialSteve Prentice is a writer, speaker and producer. His primary area of expertise is productivity and technology in the workplace, and he is an internationally recognized authority on time management and productivity. He assists individuals and companies to maximize their potential through a combination of human abilities and innovative technologies.

He is the founder of, and now partner in, the soft-skills training company The Bristall Group. He also teaches a series of management strategy courses at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and holds degrees in Journalism and Psychology. He was a Rhodes Scholarship candidate while at law school in 1990.

SPEAKER: As a highly acclaimed speaker, Steve delivers keynotes that focus primarily on technology, productivity and innovation. His upbeat style, extensive knowledge, and quick comedic timing make him a popular opener and/or closer for multi-day corporate retreats, giving attendees a feeling of optimism and ability that help strike a successful chord for the event. | Click for more info.

AUTHOR/WRITER: Steve is a published author, with two business books published by John Wiley & Sons, on time management and stress management respectively. He is in high demand as a ghost-writer, and as of 2015, has written ten executive autobiographies and business books for clients around the world. He writes industry white papers and related communications for innovative companies in the e-commerce and internet-of-things fields, as well as for nationally known law firms. In this regard he not only writes the material but project manages the entire process. | Click for more info (author) | Click for more info (writer).

PRODUCER – PODCASTS AND VOICEOVERS: Steve’s studio creates podcasts for companies and individuals who are seeking to expand their exposure into newer media. The entire process, from project management and scriptwriting through to recording, editing and production are handled in-house in a professional and affordable manner. In addition, Steve provides clear, authoritative voiceover parts, ideal for corporate videos, instructional material and promotional media. | Click for more info (podcasts) | Click for more info (voice artist).

MEDIA GUEST: Steve is a frequent and reliable media guest, available to comment on topics dealing with workplace life and technology. Please visit the MEDIA page for a list of topics and of past appearances. | Click for more info.