I write a great deal, both under my own name and as a ghostwriter for a number of organizations and people. In addition to my own books, I have written five full-length books for other business leaders, as well as scores of blogs and white papers. I offer excellent writing skills along with the project management ability to get your ideas to market in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

My Books

My books are described in more detail on the adjoining page, Books.


I have written four business-related books:

  • A guide to heath, diet and fitness for busy executives
  • A book on leadership by a recently retired executive
  • A book on improved hiring and job matching techniques based on Five Factor Analysis
  • A motivational book on achieving your goals

I have written  industry white papers, and blogs dealing with issues ranging from cloud technology to retail trends, hiring practices, media analysis and political analysis. Clients for blog-writing having included global software giants, high-tech startups, and agricultural manufacturer and major banks.I have written white papers on risk management, litigation funding and crisis management for major law firms, and on cloud security for cloud security firms.

A confidential ghost-writing portfolio, with excerpts, is available upon request.


I write blogs and articles under my own name, on my blog page here .

My cloud related blogs are posted at CloudTweaks here.

My Bitcoin/ Blockchain/Ethereum blogs are posted at ValueWalk.com here.


Get in touch with me through the contact form on my home page here.


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