Professional means getting paid to write, which means that people have invested their money to help make their prose and ideas flow in a logical and powerful way. Over the years I have delivered top quality written material, under my own name as well as a ghostwriter.

My clients appreciate my writing ability – an ability to translate complicated or advanced ideas into prose that people can understand, and more importantly, that they want to read to the end. This, combined with sound project management skills, ensuring the writing process moves smoothly and stays within time and budget requirements.

Ghost-writing: I write books, reports and articles for other people. This has included self-help books, leaderships books, executive memoirs, political speeches, blogs  and op-eds that then get picked up by publishers or news media. Details and samples available upon request.

Research/white papers: I have written and co-written comprehensive research papers and white papers for well-known organizations around the world, in high-tech, law, agriculture, health care and many other industries.

Industry journalism: I also write professionally for online news agencies dealing with cloud technology, the Internet of Things, Bitcoin and many other areas.


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