A keynote speech should be informative and entertaining. It should deliver something that connects with every attendee on a practical level, and also lets them feel positive and engaged emotionally.

I have been speaking about people and technology for over 20 years. This has allowed me to pull together a great collection of stories, analogies, and humorous anecdotes to create compelling and enjoyable keynotes dealing with time management and personal productivity as well as some specialized commercial topics such as technology and supply chain.

Every presentation is customized to your industry and actionable takeaways are guaranteed..

Some companies hire me to be their “opener” for a retreat or convention, setting a positive, upbeat tone for the entire event. Others hire me as their closer, to end the event with a memorable and enjoyable collective experience.

Click on my photo to view a short video of my speaking style.

I’m here to make you look good.

When an event planner or company manager makes a choice to hire a speaker, there is risk involved. You stake your reputation on making a choice that everyone will remember.

A good speaker must be both expert and entertainer, someone who leaves the audience feeling good – about the topic, and about your decision to make the hire.

I was awarded Platinum Status for consistently high ratings by Meeting Professionals International (MPI), and I have been a featured speaker at the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario for over 10 years, as well as the executive leadership groups TEC Canada and CEO Global. I am also a frequent guest on all types of news media.



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