Bitcoin. Blockchains. Ethereum. Cryptocurrency. Productivity. Kaizen. Business Communication.


My name is Steve Prentice, and my key talent seems to be in making complex concepts clear and workable, especially topics in the place where people and technology meet.

I speak about them and write about them, and make sure my audiences can understand the concept well enough to go back and explain it to their teams and their managers.

I also consult and manage projects, and my team and I do a lot of research. My background is in organizational psychology, journalism and IT. In my 25 years of professional work, not only have I been – and continue to be – a consultant,and project manager, I am also a university business school teacher, professional speaker, media guest, writer, podcast host and producer, and a ghost writer for a wide range of companies from global giants to local startups to individuals who have a book inside them.

You can read some of my most recent posts on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain at the investor site ValueWalk.com here.

You can read some of my writing and reporting on cloud technologies at CloudTweaks.com here.

You can also read my own blogs and interviews here.

My Speaker page talks about my keynotes, my Books page talks about my books (and yours), and my Voice page talks about my spoken word work. Easy, eh?

The About page lists my past clients and my past media appearances.

To get in touch, email me directly: alert@steveprentice.com, or use the contact form below. You can also follow me on Twitter @stevenprentice.