Time Management: 50,000 years overdue for an upgrade

2nd-Edition-Cover-FrontThe reason why time management problems happen is very basic and very ancient. We, as human beings, exist in a body type that hasn’t changed much in terms of design in the last 50,000 years. Our mind, nervous system, and stomach still react as they did when the ability to make fire was big news. Though our collective knowledge has progressed enough to invent computers and nuclear power, our inner workings have not kept pace. We react every time an email or text arrives, because it’s a new stimulus, just like a noise in the bushes.

This has exact parallels with the growing obesity trend seen worldwide: our innate autonomic urge to store energy as fat in case of future famine has not evolved to cope with the abundance of overly refined fast food, combined with sedentary jobs and labor-saving devices. It’s an ancient body trying to keep up in a new ecosystem.

Thus to handle time management problems today – in the information age, the age of sensory overload, we must enter a new stage in our human evolution. We need a system that approaches things from the inside out: that is, by looking at what makes human beings tick, both as individuals, and as part of a community. Only then can prioritization, work-life balance, productivity and the other productivity grails become achievable. The solutions to our time management problems have to do with human relationships.

This is an excerpt from my book, Cool Time: A Hands-On Plan for Managing Work and Balancing Time. If you would like a copy, hop on over to my Books page. If you would like me to come and speak to your group, contact details are available on my Speaker page. Either way, you will win back time and money. It’s just practical common sense.