Project Management: Using Social Media to Build a Tribal Team

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ScubaIn addition to our own posts, I write for PM Hut, which publishes writings from experienced project managers.  This link takes you an article I wrote on using social media to match people up to tasks in order to create a better team. Here is an excerpt:

It is tough enough getting people to work together on a project, given that they have their own schedules and priorities to deal with; so choosing the right types of people for the tasks requires more than just a cursory glance at their résumés. A project manager needs to know more.

Traditional social media outlets such as FaceBook and LinkedIn offer great insight into people’s personalities. The information on these profiles is public (not confidential), and reveals a great deal more about a person that can be useful not only in getting the project done correctly but also ensuring that the individual team members are matched up as best as possible to their own internal motivations and passions.

Suppose you discover, by looking through a team member’s FaceBook or LinkedIn profile that this individual has a passion for scuba diving, and in addition, s/he also is certified to teach others how to scuba dive. How relevant is that? It is unlikely to show up on a résumé, but this is a skill, born out of a passion, that reveals a capacity for taking on a risky situation correctly, and even being able to teach others in this activity – a natural leader, detail-oriented, and risk-aware. That sounds like some great attributes for a team leader.

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