Moving Assets to the Cloud

Forte-Systems-Logo-200Recently I was interviewed by writer extraordinaire Jen Clark for a story, published by San Francisco-based IT Experts FORTE Systems on the topic of data migration to the cloud. Her article included input from industry expert Daniel Steeves, senior IT analyst at Crisp Research René Büst, and technology lawyer Frank Jennings. Here is an excerpt (my part):

Although local storage seems like a sound concept, much like having a wall safe in the house, data that is restricted to a single physical area and may be more prone to external attack, physical disaster (fire and floods, for example) and premature aging of infrastructure. Private cloud technology protects a business’s mission-critical assets by distributing saved data across numerous servers in invisible locations. Cloud companies make it their business to ensure that security is up-to-the-second and reliable. They tend to use stronger encryption systems and have greater access to the experts and technology that will keep them competitive – which in turn means better protection for their customers.

To read the entire article, please go to the FORTE Systems blog here.

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