Read and review my novel. Please. It’s right here.

"Mouth" by Steve Prentice

“Mouth” by Steve Prentice

I am looking for people to review my new novel, entitled Mouth and then blog or tweet about it. Social media is the new frontier for everything, and despite having had two books published by a major publisher (John Wiley & Sons), I want my first work of fiction to get to people through electronic word-of-mouth.

Mouth is a work of light-humor. Some readers have likened my writing style to Douglas Adams of The HitchHikers’ Guide to the Galaxy – a huge honor, but probably because his work was a major influence on me, and to this day my favourite number is 42.

Here’s the Summary:
Sandy Parkinson and Christine Lee are co-owners of a small eatery in the downtown core based on the concept of offering small bites instead of large meals. Recently things have been going well, mostly due to the patronage of a mysterious Chinese man who uses the office space above the restaurant. All that ends, however, when the Chinese man disappears and a long line of people come along looking for him. His upstairs business, it turns out, was not entirely what it seemed. Sandy and Chris are thrown into the adventure of their lives as they seek to keep their restaurant alive and discover that everyone around them has secrets.. Filled with double meanings, secret pathways, hidden agendas and mysterious loyalties, the characters that frequent Mouth intertwine and influence each other with results that go well beyond the limits of their own imagination and comfort. Mouth is an upbeat urban adventure story, filled with humorous episodes that skewers our busy lifestyles and love of technology while weaving a narrative of plot twists and engaging characters.

Here’s the Deal:
I have made the whole book available for you to read right here. That’s it. Your own ebook copy. I have chosen PDF because its more universal than Kindle or EPUB formats. I am asking to you try it out. If you like it, take the time to review it or talk about it on your own blog, FaceBook, Twitter feed or on a specific book site such as Amazon or Goodreads. (I have provided a summary of these with your eBook copy.)

In return, I will do the same for you or for any other author that is looking for exposure.

I am quite proud of my little book, and I would be grateful for a few more readers.


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