Bob Culbertson: Master of the Chapman Stick

Bob Culbertson playing the Chapman Stick

Bob Culbertson playing the Chapman Stick

In addition to my work as a journalist, I am also a musician. I play guitar and sing for the corporate dance band, Absolutely Jack. Recently I had the good fortune to hear a remarkable musician. His name is Bob Culbertson and he plays the Chapman Stick. I saw him busking, basically, on Pier 39 in San Francisco. The full blog is posted on the Absolutely Jack WordPress site.

Here is an excerpt:

“Walking along the Embarcadero in San Francisco very recently, I heard the most beautiful music floating across the late afternoon breeze. It sounded like a trio, playing a gorgeous flowing piece of easy-listening jazz; there was no percussion, but something that sounded like a marimba, accompanying a harp or two – an actual sit down harp, not a harmonica.”

“I approached Pier 39 in search of the trio, but what I found was something and someone far more amazing. I had discovered Bob Culbertson, master of the Chapman Stick. He was playing a tune I did not recognize, but I stood enthralled for a full ten minutes, listening, for it sounded like he carried an entire band in his two hands…”

To read more, click here.

Absolutely Jack


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