Retro-Future: The CDW Bus

In addition to my own posts, I also write professionally for CloudTweaks, an authority on cloud computing. I am currently covering VMWorld, a gigantic hight-tech conference being held in San Francisco that focuses on virtualization and cloud technology. My most recent post covers the innovative-yet-retro technique being used by solutions company CDW to promote their services. by far the coolest looking thing I have seen on the exhibit floor. Here is an excerpt:

CDW's FutureLiner

CDW’s FutureLiner

“…Whereas all of the other vendors at the convention use sophisticated graphics and animations to illustrate their virtual product, CDW decided to put it all inside a vintage GM FutureLiner (The concept of a Futureliner), and take it out on the road. As their PR specialist Dan Vargas explains, the bus was first produced in the late 1940′s, and early 1950′s to address the postwar appetite for the new and futuristic. What better way is there, he says, to demonstrate the new and futuristic vision of cloud and virtualization than to package it inside a really retro-cool looking vehicle.”

“…Although the bus is somewhat dwarfed by the enormous space of the Moscone Center, Vargas tells CloudTweaks that they drive the vehicle to all kinds of events including tailgate parties. Inside, carefully constructed display cases show off racks of servers and machines from all of the major players, highlighted in sleek red lighting.”

To read more, please click here.

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