Amazon, Amaz-off, Amaz-on-again

In addition to my own posts, I also write professionally for CloudTweaks, an authority on cloud computing. My most recent post covers the recent outages at and Google, and their relationship to Dick Van Dyke’s burning car.  Here is an excerpt:

Dick van Dyke's burnt out Jaguar sports car. Photo credit: Arlene Van Dyke/

Dick van Dyke’s burnt out Jaguar sports car. Photo credit: Arlene Van Dyke/

“On the afternoon of Monday August 19, two strange and unsettling events occurred. First, the perpetually-available ecommerce behemoth vanished, taking its Canadian cousin, along with it. Shoppers were greeted with a 404 Not Found/Fail Whale page and were encouraged to come back later. The outage lasted somewhere between 20 and 40 minutes.”

“The second strange and unsettling event happened on a freeway north of Los Angeles, where actor Dick Van Dyke narrowly cheated death after his Jaguar burst into flames. He was pulled to safety and suffered no injuries. Ironically, the car was reduced to just soot and ashes.”

“These two events follow on the heels of a brief and unexplained outage at Google on August 16, which was calculated to have cost Google about half-a million dollars in lost ad revenue, and resulted in an enormous 40% drop in web traffic…”

To read more, please visit CloudTweaks here.

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