Unfolding The Camel: Problem-Solving In A Multi-Cloud Environment

My company's cloud strategy looks like this.

My company’s cloud strategy looks like this.

In addition to my own posts, I also write professionally for CloudTweaks, an authority on cloud computing. My most recent post covers the challenges of problem solving in a multi-cloud environment.  Here is an excerpt:

“There is an expression that says “a camel is a horse designed by a committee,” which means, of course, that the more people who are involved in a decision-making process, the less the end product resembles its intended objectives. But camels aren’t always designed. Sometimes they simply emerge from their surroundings, growing fatter and more belligerent daily.”

“IT people encounter these camels all the time. Seldom is a data center built in such a way that every element is clearly defined. In fact most organizations have complex, virtualized systems that have been built up and out, adapting to new trends and needs, moving from open-source to commercial, leaping onto the cloud, and then back in-house again, in short, building a complicated camel that few traditional systems are capable of diagnosing and maintaining…”

To read more, please visit CloudTweaks here.

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