My first novel, “Mouth” is here

Steve Prentice holding an advance copy his new book, "Mouth."

Steve Prentice holding an advance copy his new book, “Mouth.”

I am delighted to announce the arrival of my first novel, entitled “Mouth.” It is a lighthearted adventure set in the business district of an unnamed city. Here’s the back cover blurb:

A story of secrecy, deception and really small sandwiches.

“Sandy Parkinson and Christine Lee are co-owners of a small eatery in the downtown core based on the concept of offering small bites instead of large meals. Recently things have been going well, mostly due to the patronage of a mysterious Chinese man who uses the office space above the restaurant. All that ends, however, when the Chinese man disappears and a long line of people come along looking for him. His upstairs business, it turns out, was not entirely what it seemed. Sandy and Chris are thrown into the adventure of their lives as they seek to keep their restaurant alive and discover that everyone around them has secrets.”

If you want more detail, here’s more:

“Mouth is a humorous adventure through the buildings and back-alleys of a downtown city core, where people work, scheme, invent and drink coffee. It centres around a small restaurant called Mouth, where people stop over briefly while on their way to do what they need to get done. Filled with double meanings, secret pathways, hidden agendas and mysterious loyalties, the characters that frequent Mouth intertwine and influence each other with results that go well beyond the limits of their own imagination and comfort.”

And more…

“Mouth is an upbeat urban adventure story, filled with humourous episodes that skewers our busy lifestyles and love of technology while weaving a narrative of plot twists and engaging characters.”

Needless to say I am rather proud of getting this out. It has taken many stops and starts, but I am finally happy with it. Currently it is available in hardcover, and very soon, both the e-book and audio versions will be available. There will also be a website.

If you want to buy one, or two or five hundred copies, please use this button, which allows you to pay through PayPal. I’ll even sign them for you. $20 (each) plus HST and shipping.

PayPal purchase buton


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