Getting people back to work one town at a time – for free

Wolf On Wheels graphic

Help us travel the country putting people back to work.

Now that my book Work Like a Wolf is out and on sale, the next thing we have on our agenda is to get in front of people, sharing our knowledge about finding work and keeping work. There are millions of people out there who want to work: students, people who have been recently downsized, people returning to work after an absence, veterans and those just looking for a change. But the skills needed for hunting down opportunity, building a network and finding the time to build a future — these need practice.

To that end we have launched the Wolf On Wheels project. Our goal is to start travelling across the country, speaking to schools, service clubs, legion halls, wherever we’re needed,  and to do this for free.

But we need your help to do this. We are looking to raise $80,000 to buy and fuel an RV for a cross-country tour that can take Steve to the people and the towns that would otherwise not be able to afford him. That’s a lot of money when you look at it as one amount. But there are two really cool ways to make this happen.

  • Buy a book. Every time a copy of Work Like a Wolf is sold, 100% of the revenues after printing costs, ($15.75) goes towards the Wolf On Wheels project. We would need to sell just five thousand copies of the book to make this happen. Just five thousand out of a country of millions.
  • Sponsor us. Alternatively, we would also love to find corporate sponsors. Just eight companies, shelling out $10,000 each for national exposure, their logo on the sides of the RV, on the handout materials and the gratitude of thousands and thousands of consumers.

The Wolf On Wheels project seeks to deliver the skills and ideas found within the book Work Like a Wolf in an interactive town-hall format, where people can ask questions and build an active viable plan for finding meaningful work.

Our trip will also be publicized through social media and regular media, so in the end sponsors and book-buyers will see their investment flourish. What a great way to help rebuild the economy.

Want to buy a book now or find out more? Click here to go to the Wolf On Wheels web page.


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