Work Like a Wolf – the book – is published.

Work Like a Wolf: Own Your Future, a book on career survival.

Work Like a Wolf: Own Your Future, a book on career survival.

Work Like a Wolf: Own Your Future, my third book, is a handbook for survival in the high-speed age. I created it for three reasons:

  1. I have observed too many working people existing without a sense of control; overloaded by email and ToDo lists, compelled to respond to their BlackBerrys 24/7, and being held in position through fear.
  2. I have met too many people who have suddenly found themselves out of work, and equally suddenly have found themselves lacking a network or career safety-net.
  3. I have observed “reaction” as a dominant force in all that we do, and I want to reinstill “pro-action” instead.

The wolf imagery primarily emerged from the phrase “working like a dog,” which people use often to connote an on-going workload that we take on without question or expectation of relief – doggedness, as it were. I chose to extend the metaphor by looking at the way in which dogs are kept: they are collared and controlled, but in return, they are fed once or twice a day. The price for a full stomach is strong restrictions on liberty, but at least you don’t go to bed hungry.

The problem with this occurs when immediacies such as email and meetings start to dull the senses. When a dog is worked all day and then fed, its ability to hunt, and its general survival skills get dulled. It becomes domesticated and therefore dependent. An overly busy person at work is like that: in exchange for a bi-weekly paycheck, he/she is kept in a state of constant overload and busy-ness, one that forbids the opportunity to network, to explore, to develop the career and financial safety nets we all need.

I’m all in favor of hard work, but when people have no time to protect both their present and their future, they are in trouble.

A wolf, by contrast, eats only what it kills. It must always stay vigilant, because it is owned by no-one. It must keep its hunting and survival instincts sharp, always on the lookout for danger and opportunity. My goal is simply to re-inject an amount of self-sufficiency into the lives of time-starved working people by reminding them of the skills and techniques that will get them further ahead, rather than just running all day just to keep up.

It’s about survival, career management self-determination.

Topics include:

  • The power of networking
  • Sculpting your own future
  • Personal presentation and image
  • Dealing with job loss
  • Looking for work (for people of all ages)
  • Locating the hidden job market
  • Staying literate in the social media age

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Steve Prentice is a speaker, author and Partner at The Bristall Group. He works at the crossroads where busy working people intersect with technology. Follow him on Twitter @stevenprentice or visit (speeches) or (training + coaching).


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